Personal Service Offering

We value what you do

Comprehensive insurance tailored to meet your personal needs.

We have three levels of domestic insurance that we offer,
each aimed at various target markets.



Our personal insurance cover extends to satisfying the specific insurance needs that are associated with household and personal items. This product includes: home, motor, personal accident and all risks.



Caters to the up-and-coming individual, providing all of the peace of mind and security inherent in a bespoke insurance product. Items of specific importance to the Inspire client are often removed from the home to be used on the go: high-end cameras and video equipment, fashion items, jewellery and watches.



Exclusively designed to meet the unique requirements of the high net worth individual. Offering personal and professional advice and services, this product is complemented by our usual attentiveness. More specifically, Flawless clients can expect a specialised methodology of cover and extensions.

We also have various additional offerings that can be added on to any policy:


Limited Mileage

Limited mileage is a product that looks after those clients that don’t spend as much time on the road. Given the mileage that is recorded, the client will qualify for various discounts on the specific vehicle, subject to specific terms and conditions.


Personal Cyber

Howdie has produced a market-leading product to cover the individual from the various cyber risks at play in an ever-evolving digital space.


Wheel & Tyre

Wheel and Tyre is a bespoke product that covers direct damage caused by a road hazard to any tyre and/or rim of your vehicle, subject to specific terms and conditions. This product has three tiers to suit every vehicle, starting from as little as R30.00 per month!

We are able to design our own unique range of products and cover. Get in touch to discuss tailored solutions.