Navigating the Complexities of Commercial Insurance: How Strategic Partnerships Empower Brokers

The world of commercial insurance is a complex one, filled with intricate policy details, diverse industry regulations, and ever-evolving risk landscapes.

For insurance brokers, staying ahead of the curve and providing comprehensive coverage to their commercial clients can be a daunting task.

This is where partnering with a strategic insurance administrator like Howdie Insurance Administrators can prove invaluable. Our team of experienced professionals possesses deep expertise in commercial insurance, providing brokers with the support and resources they need to overcome hurdles, expand their knowledge, and secure more commercial policies.

Overcoming Hurdles: Expertise at Your Fingertips

Commercial insurance involves a wide range of specialized products, each with its own unique nuances and risk factors. Brokers often face challenges in keeping abreast of these complexities, particularly when dealing with niche industries or emerging risks.

Partnering with Howdie grants brokers access to our team’s extensive knowledge base and years of experience in commercial insurance. We provide guidance on policy selection, risk assessment, and underwriting, ensuring that brokers can confidently navigate the complexities of each commercial client’s needs.

Expanding Knowledge: Continuous Learning and Development

The commercial insurance landscape is constantly evolving, with new regulations, industry trends, and risk factors emerging regularly. Brokers must stay up-to-date on these changes to provide effective advice and coverage to their clients.

Howdie is committed to fostering continuous learning and development for our broker partners. We offer regular training sessions and access to industry resources to ensure that brokers have the latest knowledge and expertise to address their clients’ needs.

Securing More Commercial Policies: A Collaborative Approach

Brokers often face challenges in generating new commercial business, particularly in competitive markets or when dealing with large, complex clients. Howdie’s strategic partnerships with brokers extend beyond providing expertise and knowledge.

We work collaboratively with brokers to develop targeted marketing strategies, identify potential clients, and navigate the complexities of commercial insurance negotiations. This collaborative approach helps brokers secure more commercial policies, expanding their client base and achieving their business goals.


A particular wine farm located in the Western Cape has a variety of elements to the business. In addition to winemaking, the farm is also a tourist attraction that hosts lunches and tours. Most of the buildings on the farm are historical buildings.

Insurance Challenges

One of the main challenges was insuring the historical buildings on the farm. Determining a replacement value for these buildings is impossible as they are heritage buildings.

Another challenge was insuring the business interruption risk. Because there are two elements to the business, production of wine and then the tourist element, this cover was a challenge.


By securing insurance for the buildings as works of art through a leading insurer, we were able to establish a replacement value based on their historical significance rather than a standard R-value per square meter. This accomplishment underscores our robust connections with South African insurers, enabling us to tailor bespoke policies that incorporate unconventional structuring.

The business interruption cover was split to support the loss of production risk and then the loss of revenue from the tourist element as a result of an insured event. This essentially brought together a tourism risk and an agri risk and created a hybrid solution which catered for all the needs of the client and took into account the historical relevance of the buildings.


This case exemplifies the exceptional synergy between Howdie’s innovative thinking, underwriting expertise, and the strong collaboration between our broker and the insurers. This dynamic alliance enabled us to tailor an insurance solution that seamlessly addressed the unique needs of this wine farm.

Partner with Howdie for Commercial Insurance Success

In the complex world of commercial insurance, having a strategic partner like Howdie Insurance Administrators can make a world of difference. Our expertise, commitment to continuous learning, and collaborative approach empower brokers to overcome hurdles, expand their knowledge. 

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